1 player

Make lines of five or more in a row of the same colour, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The game is over once you're completely gridlocked. Try it on the hardest difficulty if you dare!

Tactical Snakes and Ladders

2-16 players

A unique twist on an ancient boardgame! Roll dice to race to the end of the board, but watch out: with deadly bombs, magnets, and a strange combination of the two, snakes may be the least of your problems!


22 May 2014

The site redesign is here! If you already had an account your info has been migrated over, with the exception of your avatar, which you can reupload, and your password, which you'll have to reset before you can log in.

The lines game has been completely remade, but the other minigames need some adjustment to work with the new site and will be coming back soon. Lines highscores are going to be available shortly also.

The MMO alpha is in the process of being redesigned, so expect to see stuff related to that in the near future also.

02 May 2014

So for anyone who's still hanged around a while and have realised I haven't updated this site for a couple of years, I thought I'd mention a big overhaul which is up and coming. I've been busy for a while with work and shifted from amateur to professional developer, so in my spare time I've completely rebuilt the site, which will be ready to put into place in the coming weeks.

The site looks largely the same, and the main differences are academic, i.e. it's much nicer from a coding point of view, and most importantly, doesn't use PHP.

I'm going to be doing away with the java games in favour of recreating them in languages which don't require you to update your java plugin every few days because more security exploits have been found. I've already done so with Lines, so when the new site is in place you can look forward to playing Lines without having to have any special plugins (or click yes to accepting special permissions which make it look like I am looking to acquire your soul). Highscores will be available for it as soon as I make a nice service which stops clever people cheating, but it's already totally playable and awesome, and plays well on smartphones and tablets, which the current version doesn't.

So if you're still around, look forward to that update.