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Pencil Soccer
2 players

Score a goal before your opponent can, while blocking up the field to stop them making it back to your goal. Take it in turns to draw a line to move the ball across the field, but remember you can't draw the same line twice!

1 player

Make lines of five or more in a row of the same colour, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The game is over once you're completely gridlocked. Try it on the hardest difficulty if you dare!

Rainbow Dice
1-4 players

Throw five brightly-coloured dice and try to fill out your scoresheet more cunningly than your opponents.

Snakes and Ladders
2-16 players

A unique twist on an ancient boardgame! Roll dice to race to the end of the board, but watch out: with deadly bombs, magnets, and a strange combination of the two, snakes may be the least of your problems!

Four in a Row
2 players

Drop tokens into the slots and stack them up to create a line of four in any direction and win the game! Also has an optional game mode which allows the player to remove their own token if it's at the bottom of a stack for a less predictable twist on the game.

02 May 2014

So for anyone who's still hanged around a while and have realised I haven't updated this site for a couple of years, I thought I'd mention a big overhaul which is up and coming. I've been busy for a while with work and shifted from amateur to professional developer, so in my spare time I've completely rebuilt the site, which will be ready to put into place in the coming weeks.

The site looks largely the same, and the main differences are academic, i.e. it's much nicer from a coding point of view, and most importantly, doesn't use PHP.

I'm going to be doing away with the java games in favour of recreating them in languages which don't require you to update your java plugin every few days because more security exploits have been found I've already done so with Lines, so when the new site is in place you can look forward to playing Lines without having to have any special plugins (or click yes to accepting special permissions which make it look like I am looking to acquire your soul). Highscores will be available for it as soon as I make a nice service which stops clever people cheating, but it's already totally playable and awesome, and plays well on smartphones and tablets, which the current version doesn't.

So if you're still around, look forward to that update.

30 May 2012

Psst... there's now a facebook group for Xantoria. The MMO / battle system is still in development but should be ready to release on the site soon; it'll only have limited functionality to start with, but hopefully it'll be a good preview of things to come.

12 May 2012

The site has now moved to its new domain at xantoria.com, registered users now have their own editable profile page, and a battle system between players is now in development and should be released over the next few weeks, along with items and ingame money which can be found in games and used to buy equipment for your character! In the meantime, you can now refer users to sign up to the site by getting them to enter your username into the referrer box when they register. Once the battle system is released you will get gold per referral, so get your friends to play!

13 April 2012

So it's Friday the 13th, and the perfect time to release a new game. Introducing Pencil Soccer! As a side note, both Lines and Rainbow Dice are now in beta and should be relatively stable. Please let me know if you spot any bugs or have any suggestions for improvement. Both of these games are also one player (the first by design and the second when you play against bots), so it doesn't require any effort to find someone to play against.

18 March 2012

The first of several one-player games to come has been made. Check out Lines! You don't need to be logged in to play this one either, so feel free to try it out if you don't have an account. More games are on the way, including more single-player games. Hope everyone enjoys the new addition.

8 March 2012

It's a pretty late update since I've been busy with other projects and slight procrastination over the last few months, but hopefully all is forgiven with the release of Rainbow Dice. There are a few improvements to be made, but there are no serious glitches that I am aware of besides an occasional delayed update of the dice, so as alpha releases go, it should be fairly stable. Enjoy.

As a side note, I am still working on bringing out some single-player games, and have been somewhat swamped by working on too many ideas simultaneously. Bear with me and I'll release some fairly soon.

9 December 2011

The help pages on games have now been revamped so that help and release data is seperately tabbed, and a highscore feature has now been added for each game. See if you can top the board! Effort is mainly going into improving the site right now, but a Battleships game is in development and should be ready to be put on the site within a week or two. There is also now a link to help support the site; it contains a list of all adverts which may be of interest; if you like the site, consider having a look at the adverts, as the site is funded wholly through advertisements.

27 October 2011

Snakes and Ladders is getting ready to move into beta stages; almost all known bugs have been addressed, and some of the more intricate aspects of the user interface are complete or in the process of being completed. Four-in-a-Row is playable but could be prettier, so that will be updated at some point. In the meantime, new games are being developed, including single-player games such as platformers; there will soon be fun games to play without having to find someone else online to play with. The website itself is also starting to come together now.

Thanks to everyone who have played the alpha release of Snakes and Ladders.

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