Pencil Soccer

2 players

Score a goal before your opponent can, while blocking up the field to stop them making it back to your goal. Take it in turns to draw a line to move the ball across the field, but remember you can't draw the same line twice!


1 player

Make lines of five or more in a row of the same colour, horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The game is over once you're completely gridlocked. Try it on the hardest difficulty if you dare!

Rainbow Dice

1-4 players

Throw five brightly-coloured dice and try to fill out your scoresheet more cunningly than your opponents.

Tactical Snakes and Ladders

2-16 players

A unique twist on an ancient boardgame! Roll dice to race to the end of the board, but watch out: with deadly bombs, magnets, and a strange combination of the two, snakes may be the least of your problems!

Four in a Row

2 players

Drop tokens into the slots and stack them up to create a line of four in any direction and win the game! Also has an optional game mode which allows the player to remove their own token if it's at the bottom of a stack for a less predictable twist on the game.