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Copyrighted Content

Except where explicitly stated otherwise, all content on this website and associated services (such as games) is copyrighted by Giftiger Wunsch. Such content includes but is not limited to text, images, sounds, programs or code, and downloadable files. Such content is protected in the United Kingdom and internationally under copyright and intellectual property laws. Any third-party content, such as advertisements, is the property of its respective owners.

You agree not to use such content, including third party content, in any way which has not been explicitly approved by the copyright owner.

If you are a trademark or copyright owner and believe that your trademark or copyrighted material has been misused and/or that your copyright has been violated, please contact copyright@xantoria.com.

User-submitted Content

Upon registering an account for our services, you will have access to chat facilities and games which allow your own content to be published via our service, for example in the form of a chat message. By using these services, you agree that you will abide by the following code of conduct:

Abuse / harassment: Any type of abuse against any person or group of people will not be tolerated. This includes insulting, defamatory, harassing, hateful, threatening or discriminatory (racist, sexist, etc.) comments. Harassment also includes any material which violates another individual's privacy or shares another individual's personal information. "Trolling", that is, deliberately aggravating others with the intention of baiting a response, is also considered disruptive and a violation of the code of conduct. It is at the sole discretion of administrative staff and moderators as to what constitutes harassment or abuse; borderline cases will usually result in a warning prior to action being taken.

Sexual, violent, or illegal content: Bear in mind that children as young as 13 may use our services, and that overtly-sexual language is inappropriate in public chat rooms, though permitted in private conversations provided any and all participants are over the age of 18 and do not find such language offensive. Any other sexual content, specifically graphic sexual language, links to sites containing images, videos, or other content of a sexual nature, is expressly prohibited from being shared via any of our services. This also applies to any graphically violent or deliberately repulsive content of any nature. Distribution of any content, or links to / instructions to find any content illegal in the United Kingdom or your own locality, is also a violation of our terms of service. Additionally, any sexual comments or any other type of sexual content of any nature directed at a minor via our service is liable to result in a permanent ban from all services.

Software hacking and malware or harmful content: You agree that you will not attempt to "hack" the software involved with any of our services, which includes modifying the client programs, interfering with or intercepting information transmitted between client and server, or exploiting bugs in the software to cheat or gain some form of advantage or to violate our terms of service, nor will you encourage others to engage in such activities. You further agree that you will not attempt to use our services to distribute harmful material to others, such as malicious software ("malware") or phishing sites.

No commercial use: Any type of business solicitation, promotion / advertising, or spamming of links to other websites, is prohibited. Attempting to use the service to promote your business, product, or service, will likely result in termination of service and/or blacklisting of any sites being spammed.

Spamming/flooding: It is permitted to occasionally post links to other sites providing they do not violate any of the other terms of service (specifically prohibition on sexual or violent content and on advertising, per above), however excessive posting of links, as well as "flooding" a chat room by repeatedly posting messages in an attempt to disrupt the room, is also prohibited.

Your responsibility: By posting any content via any of our services, including games and chat rooms, you agree that you accept sole responsibility for all such content, including any legal or civil repercussions which may arise from the content you publish.

Posted content is public: You understand and accept that any content posted via our public services, such as in chat rooms, is (often immediately) published, and cannot be removed once posted. See our privacy policy for more information.

You furthermore agree that any violation of any of these rules may result in a variety of actions being taken by administrative staff or users assigned to moderate chat rooms and similar content. These actions include termination of your account; application of a ban to your username or your IP address which may cover the specific chat room or other service where the incident occured, all games, chat rooms, or services we operate, or the entire website and all services, and which may last either a specific period of time or indefinitely; temporary or indefinite "muting" within a chat room to disable your ability to send chat messages; or any other actions at our discretion relating to your account or our services or website. You acknowledge that registering an account does not imparts any rights to you, that you do not "own" an account with our service nor anything associated with that account, and that your continued use of our service is at our discretion and may be denied at any time and for any reason. You may appeal any such decision by contacting appeals@xantoria.com, but you agree that the final decision lies with administrative staff, and that appeals may be accepted, declined, or ignored at our discretion.

If you feel that a user has breached any aspect of this code of conduct, please report the issue to abuse@xantoria.com, including as much information as possible about the time and nature of the violation, as well as the username of the user involved.


At certain times, you may submit personal information to us. All reasonable measures are taken to ensure that this information is stored securely, used appropriately, and kept up-to-date. We do not collect information from, nor allow creation of an account to, anyone under thirteen years old. For more information on how we collect, use, and store your data, please see our privacy policy.


You agree to indemnify and hold Xantoria Games and its parents, subsidiaries and employees harmless from any claims and expenses, including reasonable legal fees, related to your violation of these terms, including the Code of Conduct, or any violations thereof by your dependents.

Third-Party Websites

There may be hyperlinks to third-party websites on various pages within the website. These websites were created and are maintained and operated by third parties, and we accept no responsibility for any content on any such websites, nor are we associated with the developers, publishers, or administrators of such websites or any of their content. You visit any third-party site at your own risk.

These terms form a binding agreement between you and Xantoria Games, and you indicate that you accept these terms and conditions by using the site or any of our services.